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Crisis In Afghanistan
Attorney Darius Amiri of Rose Law Group is working on a big task of getting an Afghan interpreter that has been extremely helpful to US forces out of Afghanistan. The Taliban re-took Kabul so quickly that many Afghans that supported and worked with the United States during the nearly 20-year war were left scrambling for safety.The young Afghan Zabi, has been an interpreter and served alongside the U.S. Marines.
Afghan Refugees | Cronkite News
Zabi was an interpreter who fled Afghanistan with the help of a Scottsdale immigration attorney. We talk with both men about the obstacles they both faced trying to help save Zabi's life.
New DACA applications not being considered
On July 28, over a month after the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of DACA, Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf issued a memo stating that USCIS would not consider first time applications for DACA, and that those enrolled in the DACA program filing for renewals would only be able to apply for one year work permits and protection from deportation, instead of the two years they were afforded since the onset of DACA in 2012. The memo also raised the threshold for DACA recipients to qualify for advance parole, a benefit that allows them to leave the US and return, limiting this relief to only urgent humanitarian concerns or significant public benefit.
Darius Amiri Discusses Sanctuary Cities.
Comments On SCOTUS DACA Decision
An Update On The Public Charge Rule
Updates on DACA Advance Parole 63 views•Sep 14, 2020
Advance Parole is an application filed with USCIS which allows an immigrant to travel outside of the United States and return lawfully. USCIS would consider Advance Parole applications for DACA holders if they could establish an educational, employment based, or humanitarian basis for the need to travel. Unfortunately, following the Supreme Court DACA decision a few months ago, Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf issued a memorandum on DACA and advance parole stating that USCIS would now only consider issuing an Advance Parole if urgent humanitarian reasons or a significant public benefit is established. So those with the need to travel for work, study abroad, or even visit sick or aging family members may be precluded under this new interpretation.
Rose Law Group Immigration Chair Darius Amiri On ACAA Decision
Darius Amiri is back with important news concerning asylum seekers. A recent decision by DOJ’s Board of Immigration Appeals could dramatically impact the way asylum cases are decided
Immigration Lawyer Darius Amiri On U.S. Citizenship Requirements
Darius Amiri outlines the current requirements to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, which is necessary to cast a ballot. Ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election, Amiri says there has never been a more important time to vote.